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Private Training Sessions:

  • Group sessions can be overwhelming and often times intimidating. We understand! That's why Arf! Academy offers private training sessions. Contact us for more details and to set up a consultation so we can discuss you and your pup's needs!

  • $85 per session. 

  • Unfortunately, private sessions are not available at this time. We will update as soon as they become available again.

In Home Training:

  • Prefer that we come to you? No problem! We understand that sometimes you or your pup may feel more comfortable in your own home environment! Contact us to set up a consultation so we can discuss you and your pup's needs!

  • $125 for the first four sessions. $500 total for four sessions (1 month). Price reduction for every session after. 

Group Sessions:

  • Group sessions are not always available, but it is super important to get in when you can! Check out the Facebook page for more information on group sessions, OR, contact us directly for more details.

  • $30 dollars for every hour and 30 minute session. (with a little puppy playtime at the end of every session)

Puppy Talk:

  • Thinking about adding to the family? "Puppy Talk" is not just for puppies. Whether you plan to rescue, or go through a breeder, bringing home a new pet is scary. I get it. Thats what "Puppy Talk" is here for. I'm going to help you get set up to bring home your new friend. Think of it as new pet 101. Contact us so we can talk about... well, everything. 

  • My pricing for "Puppy Talk" is extremely negotiable! It just depends on how we decide to collaborate!


  • Consultation:

    • I REQUIRE a 20-30 minute consultation before any training session or lesson that I do with your dog. Think about it: It sucks to buy ice-cream... pay money... only for it to not be what you wanted. What a waste. I am the ice-cream in this instance. I don't want you paying for a service that doesn't fit.​ I mean hey, the consultation is free, and who doesn't like free stuff!? In all seriousness though, my consultations are what I consider to be the backbone of training. And we have paperwork to fill out as well.... sorry.

  • I'm very flexible when it comes to my training. If you haven't read my "about" section (I highly recommend) just know that I am all about relationship building between you and your dog. And I want this to be a collaboration. I want this to be about you, and more importantly, I want this to be about your dog.

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