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Vizsla Dogs

"my love for animals started with the many personal pets that I have owned throughout the years."

Small Terrier

"I want to love your pets as much as you love them!"

Dogs on a Bench

"No dog is un-trainable. It just takes time and patience."

Walking the Dog

New puppy? I've got just the thing for you! Check out the "services" tab to find out how I can help you with your brand new family member!

Dogs with Dog Walker

"I find creating a personal connection with a dog is one of the purest forms of trust and happiness"

Dog Walker

Want your dog to behave around other dogs?? Check out the "services" tab to find out more!!

Dog Walker at the Park

My training programs will not only make you happier, but your pet(s) happier, too.

Walking with Dogs

With me as your teacher, you'll have more fun with your dog than you ever imagined.


Experienced. Helpful. Vet- Recommended.

 Arf! Academy is dedicated to helping you have a better connection with your dog!

Our main priority and passion is Pet Parent Education!

Arf! Academy is a private dog training service run, owned, and managed by Averi Rojas.

Arf! Academy offers several training options in order to better cater to your specific needs.

  We are looking forward to hearing from you and your beloved furry friend!




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